API tokens are used for token-based authentication while API calls are made to perform actions on the Jiffy platform.

  1. Click the Create New button to create a new token.
  2. Enter a label for your token and click the Generate button.
  3. Click the Copy button to copy the token created and share with user. Image description
  4. Click the + icon to create more tokens.
    All the created tokens are listed under the API Tokens tab with Label name, last accessed, and Actions columns.
  5. Click the Revoke button to delete the token from API Token listing page. Image description

  • There is no limitation on number of tokens that can be generated.
  • There is no validity period of the token, once stored can be used anytime.
  • You cannot retrieve an existing token. If forgotten, a new one has to be regenerated.
  • Tenant admin can share the token with other tenant members if required.

Only the Tenant Admin has the capability to generate API tokens.

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