Combine Datasets

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


In automation scenarios, when you need to combine two or more datasets, you can use the Join option.

In the Product Inventory Management HyperApp, the two datasets must be combined, modified, and the net Product Inventory updated based on the sales.


You can combine the data from two or more Datasets into a single Dataset based on common criteria or field.

  1. Click the Image description icon against the Dataset and click the Join option. A JOIN popup window opens.
  2. Select the type of join function to be performed from the drop-down in the JOIN-TYPE field. The available options are inner, left, right, and full.
  3. Select the common column from the first datasheet.
  4. Select the column with the same data type from the second datasheet.
  5. Click the APPLY button. The two selected columns are joined.

The common column ProductId of the Product Sales table and Product Inventory table is selected. The datasets are combined and all the columns of both the datasets are displayed. Image description

For advanced Join criteria, you can write the the desired query using the SQL Query Editor.

Image description


You can preview the table data using this option. 

Click the Image description icon against the Dataset and click the Preview button. Multiple datasets are displayed at the same time.

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