When the correct fields are not extracted and if the validation of those extracted fields fail in the Post Processing Task, the status of the record is updated to MANUAL_INTERVENTION_VALIDATION_FAILED. You must re-familiarize the document to make the necessary action and extract the correct fields. The model is retrained for the category of the document.

Pseudonym Management

If ML was unable to predict the field in the Document due to change in label, while refamiliarizing select the new label.
Next time, when processing same category document, the new label is recognised.
Pseudonym Management adds all the probable labels for the fields to be extracted as Pseudonyms to ensure the extraction process covers the probable labels too.

The labels Invoice#, Invoice No., INV Number are used to represent Invoice Number across the different Invoices. All of them must be added as Pseudonyms.

There are two ways to add Pseudonyms.

Add Pseudonyms for Document Table

  1. Click the Image description icon of the Document Table and select the Pseudonym Management option.
    The Pseudonym Management page displays Column Name, Pseudonyms, and category. Image description
  2. Click the Image description icon against the Column Name for which you want to add or edit Pseudonyms.
  3. In the Edit Pseudonyms field, type the values for the pseudonym and press enter. Image description
  4. Click the Save button.

All the pseudonyms that are added get recorded in the ML dictionary.

When a document of same category is processed, the field with labels matching any of the added Pseudonyms is automatically extracted.

The pseudonym Invoice n0: is added for the column Invoice Number in the Edit Pseudonym field.

If the document has label Invoice n0:, then the field value is automatically extracted as it has been added as a Pseudonym.

Image description

Add Pseudonyms while Refamiliarizing

If the status of the record is MANUAL_INTERVENTION_VALIDATION_FAILED , you can correct the fields by selecting the correct label from the PDF in the Document Familiarization window. The re-familiarized label is also added to the Pseudonym list and gets recorded in the ML dictionary.

In earlier familiarization, the label selected was PO No: and in the current document, the label is PO N0: because of which the field was not extracted and validation failed.

  • Refamiliarize the document and select PO N0: in the current PDF.
  • PO N0: gets added to the Pseudonym List and gets recorded in the ML dictionary.
When a document of same category is processed again, the field with PO N0: is automatically extracted.

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