Overview of SQL Dataset


What is SQL Dataset

SQL Datasets are used for large scale data transformations or when you need to combine the data from different data sources, say an Oracle table, Jiffy Table, and CSV data.
SQL Datasets are created by using SQL queries. SQL queries can:

  • Fetch the data from existing Datasets like SQL Datasets, Jiffy Tables, Document Tables.
  • Fetch the data from an external database (mandatory to have an active DB connection).
  • Combine data from multiple Datasets.
  • Transform an existing dataset.

The Dataset can be used in Task or Presentation once it is published.

In the Product Inventory Management HyperApp,

  • The Product Inventory data extracted from the Inventory system has been populated in a Jiffy Table.
  • The Product Sales data is received from an external Oracle database.
The two Datasets must be combined, modified, and the net Product Inventory updated based on the sales. This is done using SQL Dataset.

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