Datasets - Best Practices


  1. Use intuitive names for the Datasets and columns within the Datasets. This makes it easier for other designers to use them in their automation tasks within the HyperApp.
  2. Follow the naming standards for Datasets, columns within the Datasets.
  3. Define the required Execution States in Jiffy Table and Document Tables. All states that you use in the different stages of the automation process must be defined.
  4. Use the correct data types. Display of the fields depends on the datatype you selected. To know more about Field Types, click here.
  5. When extracting fields from documents, select datatype in Document Table as Singleline or Multiline. This handles special characters if any in the document.
  6. Do not use more than two levels of Inner Tables. If there is a scenario with more than two inner tables, design of the automation should consider breaking into multiple tables.
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