About Nodes

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2021


Different types of nodes are clubbed together or used individually to automate a specific task. Each node has its own properties and functionalities.

Types Of Nodes

All the nodes available in are categorized into 8 types namely:

  • Data Nodes: These nodes can be used to provide input/store/manipulate data for the tasks.
  • Control Nodes: These nodes can be used for the basic decision-making process in the tasks.
  • Components Node: This section contains only the Task node that allows the users to access and execute another task of the same App as a child task.
  • UI Nodes: These nodes allow the user to automate UI screens of any application. For example, Web pages, Mainframe, SAP, Desktop based applications, etc.
  • Email Nodes: These nodes are used to Browse emails, Send emails and to perform certain actions on Emails like Read, Forward, Move to specified folder, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Nodes: A collection of different kinds of nodes that perform various generic actions like transferring files, generating a random number, setting a timer etc are available in this section.
  • Cognitive Nodes: These nodes are used to perform various activities on filesets, datasets and process the data in Apache spark models.
  • Document Processing: These nodes are used for processing Word, PDF, and Excel documents.
  • Connectors: These nodes enable the user to establish a integration from to other external applications to perform various operations.
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