UI Nodes - FAQs

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2021


  1. How can Captchas be handled?
    There are two options.
    1. Disable the captcha for the login id used by the bot or for requests coming in from a specific IP/subnet.
    2. Enable email Multi-Factor Authentication so that the bot monitors mailbox for the second factor and uses it to login into the portal.
  2. What is the Default delay for a web element to be captured?
    Two attempts at a delay of five seconds.
  3. What is Default delay to navigate to next page?
    20 seconds.
  4. If the session ID in URL keeps changing how can such applications be automated?
    Any dynamic values after the port are not considered. Protocol//domain:port is considered for URL.
  5. During Web automation, I have a file explorer popup to which the filepath has to be passed. How do I handle this?
    Image description

If there is a desktop application pop up to be handled during web automation, you can record the elements of the desktop applications by toggling the Desktop toggle in the UI Learn Window as shown below: Image description The recorded element can be used in the Actions tab, and inputs passed as shown below: Image description

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