If, Else, and EndIf


You can specify conditions at Task level using If-Else-EndIf nodes.

  • If the condition specified in If node is satisfied, the node following If node gets executed.
  • Else, the node following Else node is executed.
  • EndIf node is used to end the condition loop.

Automatic replies are set to different Customers based on conditions using If-Else-EndIf nodes.

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Properties of If, Else, and EndIf Nodes

Click the If, Else, and EndIf nodes. In the Properties tab, enter the Name and Description.

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Design Actions in If Node

You can specify the conditions in Actions tab of If node. If the conditions are met, node following the If node gets executed.

  1. Select either All or Any option from the drop-down (1).
    • All: All the conditions specified must be satisfied to execute succeding node.
    • Any: Any of the specified conditions must be satisfied to execute succeding node.
  2. Click the + icon to add a condition.
  3. Select the type of the input value from drop-down (3).
    • V: Variable
    • C: constant
    • S: Secure Vault
    • E: Expression
  4. Enter values based on the type selected in field (4).
  5. Select any one of the following options from the drop-down (5).
    • ==
    • has
    • !=
    • !has
  6. Select the Constant option for the field (6) and enter required value.
  7. Click the Image description icon to close the Actions tab.

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Result of Execution in If, Else, and EndIf Nodes

After executing task, Result of Execution window is displayed with the following tabs.

  • Output: Status of Validation is displayed. It includes Rule ID, Rule Title, LHS Value, Operation, RHS Value, and Result.
  • Run Info: The Run details are displayed. It includes Run ID, Sequence Number, Iteration ID, Iteration Start Time, Iteration End Time, and Iteration Time (in seconds), and Total Node Execution Time (in seconds).

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