Trigger Tasks from External Applications


Any Jiffy Task can be triggered through an external application provided the application is based on a REST API.

For every task, the API URL is available in the Actions tab of the Start node. You can use this to trigger tasks from an external application. You can add the required input parameters in the Start node so that the values can be mapped from the external application.

Image description In the external application, for example, in Postman application,

  1. Select the POST from the method drop-down.
  2. Enter the API URL of the Jiffy Task to be triggered.
  3. Enter the Jiffy Login credentials in the Authorization–> Basic Auth field. Image description
  4. Enter tenantId in the Headers field. Image description

    To get the tenant id, use:{url of the tenant}/ gus/api/jls/tenantInfo/subdomain/{tenant name}. returns {“status”:true,“token”:“”,“error”:null,“data”:{“tenantId”:2,“isExpired”:false}}

  5. Copy and paste the JSON code generated in the Start Node in the Body field and provide values for the parameters to be passed. Image description
  6. Click the Send button to trigger the task. Image description
  7. Run ID of the task executed is generated, and the execution results of this Run ID can be checked in Task Execution History Screen.

Image description

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