Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


A cluster, in the context of servers, is a group of computers that relate to each other and operate close to act as a single computer.
In, you can create Clusters to group multiple bots which are running in different machines.

You can use Clusters to:

  • Enhance machine’s abilities to operate at an exceptional speed.
  • Balance load.
  • Optimize the use of available resources.
  • Minimize response time.

Cluster Dashboard

Click the Image description icon in the left-hand side menu bar.
The Clusters page displays all the Clusters created for the HyperApp with ID, Name, Description and Machines details.

Image description

Add Clusters

  1. Click the + icon. Add Cluster window opens.
  2. Specify the following details:

    • Name: Name of the cluster.
    • Description: A short description about the cluster.
    • Bots: This drop-down displays the list of all the bots created in the system for the Tenant. Select the required bots to form the Cluster.

      Click the text box to close the drop-down after selecting values.

  3. Click the SAVE button. The newly created cluster gets listed in the Clusters page.

Image description

Additional Options

You can edit or delete the cluster using additional options.

  1. Click the Image description icon available against each cluster. Edit Cluster window opens.
    1. Modify the required fields.
    2. Click the SAVE button.
  2. Click the Image description icon to delete a cluster.

    The Name of the cluster is non-editable.

Run Tasks in Cluster

You can select Cluster from the Configurations tab of the node while designing a Task.
The tasks are run in Execution Mode in production, the load is balanced across the bots that are assigned to the Cluster.

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