Release Notes

Release 4.10.10

Release date : Nov 7, 2023


Lock a record functionality in forms:

  • New feature added in forms for locking the records, it will prevent two people/process from editing the same records simultaneously.
  • The users with lock permissions can do lock/unlock records in presentation. The permission is added in Form settings-execution state.
  • The same functionality can be achieved through nodes as well.

User management: Added a new API for fetching the user role in a App.

Bug Fixes

Document processing: The issue reported on invoice split is not working with a specific keyword has been fixed JFS-10532.

Presentation & Forms:

  • The issue reported as more than one filter is not working in presentation has been fixed JFS-10099.
  • The issue reported on PDF orientation is getting changed has been fixed JFS-9643.
  • The issue reported on Cancel button in forms needs extra alert has been fixed JFS-9617

UI Automation: The issue reported as Chrome driver is not automatically upgrading has been fixed.

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