Release Notes

Release 4.10.8

Release date : Aug 22, 2023


Added new predefined function "unzip files" for zip file formats such as, rar,7z, and tar.

Added a new API for updating the default role as release admin for tenants.

Added a new API for getting the last login date and time for users.

Bug Fixes

Import/Export: The issue reported on some functions older version got executed after 3.x to 4.x export and import has been fixed, JFS- 8778.

Presentation: The issue with the presentation page loads but the dataset listing page icon will be highlighted has been fixed, JFS-9504.

UI Automation: The issue reported in file explorer node failing when subfolder is present in a folder has been fixed, JFS-8607.

Date nodes: The issue reported on predefined function “Insert data to inline jiffy table” failed to update some specific data has been fixed, JFS- 8888.

Roles and Permissions: The issue reported as GUS module getting restarted sometimes after recent deployment has fixed JFS-8455.

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