Release Notes

Release 4.10.3

Release date : May 15, 2023


Attachment type fields:

  • Users now have the ability to enable a "Single attachment Only" check box in Attachment type fields. This option restricts the field to accept only one attachment in the attachment type fields.
  • All existing Attachment type column will continue as multiple attachment mode.

Rotate File Functionality in Forms PDF viewing: Users can rotate the file if required in forms view, the rotated view will get saved.

The alert message retaining in the forms screen for validation error has been improved from 5sec to 10sec.

In Next and Previous buttons in forms, now users can configure navigate to next record without saving the current record.

Bug Fixes

Bot management: Issue reported on updating of Developer bot status in Bot Management page has been fixed, JFS-9099


  • The issue reported on form validation failing in inline record has been fixed, JFS-8736.
  • The issue reported on unable to enter 0 to a numeric field manually in Jiffy table or through forms, JFS-8625.

Data node:

  • The Jiffy select node failed to fetch data from a certain condition has been fixed, JFS-9148.
  • The issue with single quotes is getting replaced by double quotes in dataset node has been fixed, JFS-8799.

Email browser node:

  • The email browser node failed to download attachment in particular email has been fixed, JFS-9027.
  • The issue reported on ‘/’ replaced to ‘_’ in email subject has been fixed, JFS-9093.

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