Release Notes

Release 4.10.5

Release date : Jul 5, 2023


UI changes in the design canvas.

  • Highlighting nodes in different statuses have been changed with increase in intensity of shadow and making text in bold.
  • The comment and uncomment UI colours have been modified to highlight it more.
  • The indentation icon place for variables is changed in UI for better UX.

Python library in server upgraded with Deepdiff package.

Added a new column in the inline email attachment schema storing the type of attachments.

Bug Fixes

Forms: The issue reported on date-time showing incorrect values in the inline table in forms has been fixed, JFS-9382.

Task Execution: The issue reported the task being triggered even though the App in stopped status has been fixed, JFS-9560.

Jiffy Select node: The issue with waiting for data is not working in jiffy select has been fixed, JFS-9742.

Email Browser node:

  • The issue reported some specific emails, email browser node failed to find the attachments have been fixed, JFS-9421.
  • The issue reported on the filter condition for email receive date is not working as expected have been fixed, JFS-9432.

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