Release Notes

Release 4.4.9

Release date : Apr 13, 2022


The Python package is upgraded to 3.7.9 to 3.10.3.

  1. If any custom Python packages are used, users have to make sure those packages are compatible with the Python 3.10.3 version.
    By default, during the upgrade, the Jiffy Client Installer will attempt to install the existing custom packages to the upgraded Python. If there are compatibility issues, the user can install the custom packages separately.
  2. In case of a breaking change (changes that will make the existing code fail) from a package, the function code may have to be modified as per the guidelines in the documentation from that specific package. Usually, packages will highlight these kinds of changes in their release notes/documentation.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are addressed and fixed:

JFS-6246: Doc reader node was failing with error message as “Permission issue/ File cannot be saved Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream” for some specific PDFs is fixed.

JFS-6403: Issue in Email Browser node to detect email attachment is fixed.

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