Release Notes

Release 4.3

Release date : May 15, 2021

New Features

Calculated Fields on Forms

Calculated fields allow the user to use Functions where actions are performed with two or more fields in the Form and display the result in a single field.

Checkbox Extraction in Document

The Checkbox extraction feature in Document processing is used for extracting checkbox/radio button from documents.

Data Cleansing during Familiarizing Documents

Provision for data cleansing during familiarization of the document. User extracts part or specific data from the fields in the document and defines conditions to transform the extracted data.

Image Extraction in Document

The Image extraction feature in Document processing is used for extracting the signatures, logo, Photographs, etc.

List has option in Forms and Presentations

The option List has is added in Auto-populate conditions and in the filter on the presentation so that the records can be filtered for any of the users.

Tenant Logo Customization

The tenant logo is placed under the App dashboard screen and other inner pages of the Application.


Improved the error message that appears in Jiffy insert/update node, for the formatting issue while inserting data to the Jiffy Table.

By default, the Local variables are marked as Output variables.

The limitation in Email Browser node while browsing beyond 10 folders/subfolders is removed.

When a new task is created, the Design Studio opens in EDIT mode.

Bug Fixes

While familiarising a button on the data grid toolbar in SAP, to enable a single button click, a new action ClickToolBar is added to click on the data grid toolbar.

Improved error message for the dataset used in the presentation when renamed.

Import of the Document table is continued ignoring only the erroneous records.

The Read timeout of the parameters gunicorn and Nginx in the Nginx config file to be changed to 3000 seconds.

Known Problems

Error while duplicating records in the dataset for specific records.

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