Release Notes

Release 4.7.2

Release date : Jul 1, 2022

New Features

Automatic Resolution Adjustment in Document Processing

There can be multiple resolution for the same type of documents. A toggle button Auto Adjust PDF resolution is introduced to adjust it automatically to the resolution of the base document.


  • The attachment view in the Jiffy table is modified for a better user experience. Instead of clicking and viewing, the users can view the attachment once the Forms open.
  • If there are multiple attachments, the first attachment opens initially. Users can view the preview of other files at the top.

JFS-7244: The error message is improved during the failure of bulk insert in the Excel node.

JFS-7270: Revised App category limit to 30.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are addressed and fixed:

JFS-6957: After the 4.6.7 update, the list variable created in the output tab of the custom/predefined function is converted into a text variable.

JFS-7047 : The issue with MS365(Graph) Protocol for the Email nodes.

JFS-6927: The invoice split function failed due to new keywords in Invoice.

JFS-4297: Jiffy clients exit, when it is expected to continue polling for Jiffy License Server connection.

JFS-6774, JFS-7203, JFS-7249, JFS-6544: The issue with document extraction failure in documents.

JFS-6683: The function node execution randomly failed due to the secure vault issue.

JFS-6587: The users are not receiving the password reset link due to case sensitivity.

JFS-5425: The select node is returning null or empty value instead of zero.

JFS-3673: App Description and App Image is getting replaced during Custom Import.

JFS-6779: The system does not allow user creation in different tenants with the same Email ID.

JFS-5620: The issue with downloading the attachment from the Jiffy table.

JFS-6780: The issue with showing all machine details in the Add bot drop-down of the bot management screen is fixed. Now it only shows the tenant-specific details.

JFS-7255: Deleted dataset is listing on the Form settings page.

Known Problems

JFS-7486: The script is missed in package, which was present in the earlier version. The user has to copy the file separately.

Vulnerabilities identified or disclosed will be addressed in a subsequent release based on their criticality.

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