Release Notes

Release 4.10.4

Release date : Jun 14, 2023


Introduced an option for set date format in tenant level:

  • Users can set the required date format in the tenant level, default format will be MM-DD -YY format.
  • The option will be available in tenant Settings-> Application Settings-> Date format settings.
  • The changes will be reflected in presentations, forms and data tables screens. All other screens will be in MM-DD -YY format, this change will be accommodated in the upcoming versions.

Introduced a new connector for Snowflake with 4 new commands.

Added predefined functions for validating date format, EIN formatting, SSN formatting, Date formatting, Currency conversion, and Input string matches with regex.

Bug Fixes


  • Issue reported on “Has” filter only working for lower case characters has been fixed.
  • The issue reported on web page footers are overlapping with the table view in presentation screen has been fixed, JFS-9349.

Forms: The issue reported as the data in URL type is not clickable has been fixed, JFS-9349.

Task execution: The issue reported some of the polling tasks are not shown in the task execution screen after upgrading has been fixed.

UI Automation: The issue found as Zero in excel cells converting to null in downloaded files has been fixed.

Import/Export: The issue reported on deleted tables are referring in export app has been fixed, JFS-9321.

Document processing:

  • The issue reported on document split not working properly on a particular document has been fixed, JFS-9336, JFS-9055.
  • The issue reported document reader node failed to process a particular document has been fixed, JFS-9120.
  • The issue on getting unwanted letters/symbols during extraction due to poor quality OCR has been fixed, JFS-9405.
  • The issue reported table extraction in particular pdf is not working as expected has been fixed, JFS-9472.

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