Release Notes

Release 4.8

Release date : Aug 6, 2022

New Features

Document retraining for wrongly categorized documents

The users can retrain the existing category or create a new category for any documents in the Manual intervention Validation Failed status.

Connector node for CM360

CM360 connector provides access to information from the Google Campaign Manager 360 account via API-based commands.

Word Splitting in Document Processing

New word split logic is introduced for all documents in the new version.


An empty state is introduced for Forms Screen.

Automatic skew correction in the OCR engine is available now in the new version.

Checkbox accuracy is improved in checkboxes.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are addressed and fixed:

JFS-6764: Form submission fails to load properly.

JFS-6837, JFS-6695: The Email browser node is failing when the attachment doesn’t have an extension.

JFS-6533, JFS-4410: Child task is not importing correctly.

JFS-6741 Presentation screens are failing to load when some columns contain blank values.

JFS-5872: Downloading the Excel from the Presentation is failing.

JFS-5170: Authorization fails in user-defined functions even after passing authorization headers.

JFS-5425: Auto-population of zero to a numeric field in the form is not working.

JFS-4774: The statement on Tenant Vault creation page is incorrect.

JFS-4787: Some predefined functions show twice in the predefined functions in the drop-down.

JFS-4640: Unicode encode error in function node.

JFS-4573: UI issue with the select node column drop-down.

JFS-5110, JFS-6544, JFS-5812, JFS-5877, JFS-5963, JFS-6539, JFS-6810, JFS-6680: Document extraction issue in a particular file.

JFS-4237: Pseudonyms are not deleted from the table after category removal.

JFS-5035: The issue with creating custom pallets in the dashboard.

JFS-5673: SQL Dataset shows errored while Editing Schema has column names with spaces.

JFS-6511: Checkbox extraction is not working properly.

JFS-6787: Invalid categories status is not changing after importing the app.

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