Release Notes

Release 4.10.1

Release date : Apr 11, 2023

New Features

A configurable dialog box in forms design:

  • There is a feature that enables users to set up a dialog-box within forms. This feature is optional and is activated by clicking the save button.
  • There will be a pop-up with Close button where users can message upto 256 characters.


Search option in App dashboard page, users can search for Apps and App groups.

Introduced a manual refresh button form: Users can manualy refresh and check the latest data using refresh button.

Introduced Continue on failure feature in Email Sender node.

New connector node for Twilio : Introduced a new node for Twilio automation, 2 APIs are added as predefined commands.

Provided delete options for Apps and App groups.

New connector node for Sharepoint: Introduced a new node for Share point automation, 5 APIs are added aspredefined commands.

Bug Fixes

  1. Login node:The issue on Login node working incorrectly when no of bots in cluster is incorrect has been fixed JFS-8344,JFS-8734.
  2. Dataset insert/update node: The issue on Continue on failure is not working in dataset insert/update node has been fixed JFS-8769.
  3. Google drive node:The issue reported on GoogleSheet created is not found in GoogleDrive has been fixed JFS-6336.
  4. Web UI node:The issue on Web UI node UI Event-Action Exists returns True even if the element is not visible on the page has been fixed, JFS-6872.
  5. Email reader nodeThe issue with Email reader node failed to read a particular emails has been fixed, JFS-8728.

Bot management:

  1. The issue reported on Bot management screen is showing incorrect information has been fixed, JFS-8344.
  2. The issues reportd on execution are getting slow and some random iteration are failing due to inactive bots has been resolved, JFS-8952.


  1. The issue reported on KPI ribbon showing incorrect data when applying filter as 'Today' has has been fixed.
  2. The issue reported on document screen showing blank screen for particular document has been fixed JFS-8876.

UX issues:

  1. The issue reported as two predefined functions with same name Search data in table has been fixed, JFS-4787.
  2. The issue reported as Pop-up window alignment is not proper in Presentation more buttons has been fixed, JFS-8700.

Document processing: The issue with Doc reader node failed with error as "For input string NaN" for document has been fixed, JFS-8936.

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