Release Notes

Release 4.8.5

Release date : Oct 31, 2022


Connector node for Freewheel: Introduced a new node for FreeWheel API automations, 20 APIs are added as predefined commands.

Connector node for Ad point: Introduced a new node for Ad point API automations, 3 APIs added as predefined commands.

Predefined function for CEA AD id : CEA AD id validation function helps to determine if a Ad-ID is valid or not.

Bug Fixes

Document processing:

  1. Issues with extracting certain tables fail in specific PDF files that have been resolved:JFS-7943, JFS-8064, JFS-8080.
  2. The issue of some documents not being able to automatically adjust the resolution was resolved: JFS-7973.
  3. The long delay in opening the base document has been resolved: JFS-7784.

Email Action node:
The issue with Email Actions node while using a GRAPH API configuration, the "Mark as Read" and "Move to" actions do not work if they are used together in the same node has been corrected: JFS-7993.

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