Release Notes

Release 4.8.7

Release date : Nov 22, 2022


Customized Tenant Logo:

  • The business user can change the Jiffy logo to any other image.
  • Customized logos can be added in the Tenant Settings >> Application Settings page.

Form style change: Form style for empty fields and non-empty fields has been modified.

Predefined function: Added base_url as input new variable for Cea ad-id validation function.

Bug Fixes

Task design: The Task resume feature does not work as expected when running in cluster mode has been fixed, JFS-7555.

Security and vulnerabilities: The MEDIUM vulnerability of the HTTP Host Header Injection issue reported has been fixed, JFS-8239.

Email sender node: Issues related to the email sender node not being able to send an email with large attachments have been resolved, JFS-8210.

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