Release Notes

Release 4.5.2

Release date : Sep 28, 2021

New Features

The audit log queue messages are recorded in Fluentd and Kibana.


While drilling down from one presentation to another, the designer’s settings in the filter card of the drill-down presentation will be retained.

Bug Fixes

JFS-5447: Fixed issue for inserting relevant records into the inline table while updating records of main table using Jiffy Insert/Update node along with function node and running in multiple bots parallelly.

JFS-5391: While filtering, sort operation getting applied on the presentation is working as expected.

JFS-5399: Created by and Updated by fields were getting updated with the service username rather than actual username is fixed.

JFS-5561: The import of an App was not happening and the filters of the dashboard are working as expected.

The base document in the PDF document processing is opening as expected.

Doc reader node is not failing when used along with Handwritten node.

The functions used to insert or update data to the Jiffy table are working on server mode.

Unable to process the PDF file and “Not Authorized” error was showing and are fixed now.

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