Delete Record (Jiffy Table)


Use this function to delete records in the Jiffy Main Table or Inline Table based on the given UUID.


Delete Record (Jiffy Table)(table_name, UUID)


Input Parameter Name Description
table_name Name of the Jiffy Table
UUID UUID of the record

To delete inline table records, table_name must be {Name of Parent Table}.{Name of Inline Table} and UUID must be {UUID of the Parent Table Record}.{UUID of the Inline Table Record}.

Multiple UUID can be given separated by a comma.


  1. Delete Record (Jiffy Table) (TravelDetails.EmployeeDetails, 617013241a683f4a4cba1875.a3183dd9-df92-443e-a687-66c0dce72422)
    • Deletes the record of the *inline table(EmployeeDetails)* with UUID *a3183dd9-df92-443e-a687-66c0dce72422* from the parent table(*TravelDetails*) for the UUID corresponding to the inline table.
  2. Delete Record (Jiffy Table) (TravelDetails, 617713241a683f4a4cba1877)
    • Deletes the record from the TravelDetails table with UUID 617713241a683f4a4cba1877

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