Document Type Split


Use this function to split the PDF document into different types of individual PDFs based on their type.

This function classifies the type of PDFs and then splits the PDFs by each type.


Document Type Split (pdf_id)


Input Parameter Name Description
pdf_id FileID of the PDF document


Return Value Description
Table(DocSplitTable) Data Table with columns:
  • FileName: Filename of the split PDF
  • FID: Fileserver ID of the split PDF
  • Type: Type of the split PDF ((Invoice, BOL, PO, Debit)
  • NumberOfPages: Number of pages in the split pdf
  • StartPage: Reference page from input pdf where the split pdf starts.
  • EndPage: Reference page number from input pdf where the split pdf end.

Output variable of type Table should be created with Table Definition DocSplitTable.


Document Type Split (8jki838hdjhe23ndw9)

  • If the input file contains three PDFs, two invoice PDFs, and one BOL pdf; the file is split into three PDFs - two Invoice PDFs and one BOL PDF.

The path and the name of the output files are automatically assigned by the function.

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