Add Bot

Last Updated: May 10, 2022


Use this API to add a new bot.

  • API: {URL}/jiffy/api/v1/bot/add/
  • API Type: POST
  • Authentication Type: Token- Based Authentication
  • Request API Body:

    {“name”: “{Name of Bot}”,
    “host”: “{ports to be associated with the Bot}”,
    “port”: “{Port number}”,
    “username”: “{\“value\”: \“{UserName}\“}”,
    “password”: “{\“value\”: \“{Password}\“}”,
    “jvm_parameters”: “”,
    “machine_id”: “{Machine ID}”,
    “capabilities”: [1]}

  • Sample API Body:

    {“name”: “bot1”,
    “host”: “192.168.43.xx”,
    “port”: “8195”,
    “username”: “{\“value\”: \“JohnSmith\“}”,
    “password”: “{\“value\”: \“Welcome@123#\“}”,
    “jvm_parameters”: “”,
    “machine_id”: “47”,
    “capabilities”: [1]}

Enter if any jvm parameters need to be provided specifically. Otherwise, keep it blank.

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