Create Role

Last Updated: May 10, 2022


Use this API to create Role for the specified App.

  • API: {URL}/docube/api/app/{appgroup_name}/{app_name}/all-roles/presentation
  • API Type: POST
  • Authentication Type: Token- Based Authentication
  • Sample API Body:

    “name”: “{Name of the Role}”,
    “identifiers”: [ “{Identifier from Presentation URL on which you want to provide access to the role}” ]

  • Sample API Body:

    “name”: “Approver”,
    “identifiers”: [ “f81c4f4b-11d8-419f-bcd7-642a561fbb14” ]

For the URL, identifier is 2fc99c77-c44a-4cbf-b63a-9b1c009fc0b2.

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