Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


Filesets are used to organize data in a HyperApp. A group of files are uploaded and saved under Fileset, and are used in Task design.

Click the Image description icon on the left-hand side menu bar.

All the Filesets created for the HyperApp are listed on the Filesets page with the Name, Owner, Last Modified Date, etc.

Click the Image description icon against each entry of the Fileset to Rename, Download, Delete, Duplicate, or Clear Content, if required.

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Create New Fileset

  1. Click the + icon. Create File Set page opens.
  2. Type the required Fileset name.
  3. Click the CREATE button.
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The newly created Fileset is displayed on the Filesets page.

Upload File

  1. Click the Name of the Fileset to modify/upload files. Files page opens. There are two ways to upload files.
    1. Drag and drop files from local machine into Files page.
    2. Click the + icon, click the Upload file button, browse and select the required files from local machine.
      The files are uploaded to the Filesets.

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  • Click the Image description icon against each filename to Delete or Download the files, if required.

How are Filesets used in Tasks

Filesets can be used in automation flow using the following nodes:

Consider a task designed to maintain the Country Code, where files containing the Country Codes and Names are received in an email. The bot is expected to read the email and upload the file in a Fileset and remove unwanted files from it.

  • Use the Email Browser node to read the email and download the attachment.
  • Use the Upload Fileset node to upload the file Fileset.
  • Use the Clear Fileset node to delete unwanted files from the Fileset.
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