Create Issue

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2021


Use this function to create a new issue in JIRA.


Create Issue (token, url, username, project_key, summary, description, environment, issue_type, assignee_ID, labels, priority)


Input Parameter Name Description
token JIRA API token
username JIRA username
project_key JIRA project key
summary Ticket summary
description Ticket description
environment Example: QA, PROD etc.
issue_type Type of the issue
Example: Bug, Task, Test, Epic, etc.,
assignee_ID ID of the assignee
labels Label(s) to attach with the issue
priority Issue priority

  • To know more about token, click here.
  • You can find the Assignee ID in the URL when you login to your Atlassian account. The URL is of the format: https://<JIRA URL>/jira/people/<Assignee ID>.


Return Value Description
  • On Success returns 1 | Issue Key
  • On Failure returns 0 | Error Message


Create Issue (ABCDCEF, https: //,, Connectors, Trouble creating issues, Issues in JIRA, QA, Bug, 12345, Issue, Low)

  • Uses the token ABCDEF to connect to JIRA with the url https: // with the username, creates an issue in the project Connectors with the description Issues in JIRA and summary Trouble creating issues in the QA environment with priority Low, type Bug and label Issue and assigns it to the ID 12345.
    Returns the Issue Key of the created issue.

To pass ID of the created issue to the further functions using local variables, first extract the ID from the output 1 | Issue Key using the Substring function.

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