Install ABBY Fine Reader

Last Updated: May 10, 2022


Download and Extract zip Files

  1. Download ImageToTextV12.7z from
  2. Enter the username and password provided.
  3. Download the zip files from

    Please contact support for username and password.

  4. Create a folder with name OCRExec under C:\jiffyservice.
  5. Copy and paste both the downloaded file to this folder.
  6. Extract both the downloaded zip files. Image description

Install Abby Fine Reader

  1. Double click the setup file to start installation.
  2. Check the I have a valid license and wish to install the Software checkbox.
  3. Click Next button.
  4. Enter the license details and Customer Project ID.
    Image description

  5. Open the ImageToTextPDF.exe.config file.

  6. Change the SerialNumber provided if it is not matching with the license key provided.

  7. Change the RejectionCutOff value to 50 and save the file.

Image description

Set Environment Variable

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > System > Edit the System Environment Variable.

  2. Create new User variable and system variables with same variable name and variable value.

Image description

Image description

The scanned image gets converted to a readable or text based PDF automatically. You can provide the path of scanned image to Doc Reader node to process further.

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