Types of Actions

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023


Based on the recorded UI Control, the Actions listed in the third drop-down varies. The following table explains the various Actions and their Purposes.

Name of Action Purpose of Action
BringToFront Helps to bring the current application window to front
Check Checks the checkbox of UI element
Checked Returns true/false based on the status of the checkbox
Clear Clears the text present in the text field
ClearSelection Clears any active selection inside elements like table or grid
Click Simulates mouse click on the UI element
ClickByOffset Clicks the element with a given offset(x, y in pixel) from the midpoint
ClickToolBar Clicks the toolbar button with given tooltip text
Close Closes the window
CloseActivePopup Closes the active popup in the application
CloseActiveWindow Closes the active window in the application
CodeMirrorInput Input action specific to code mirror text area
Collapse Collapses the tree node UI Element
DoubleClick Simulates the double-click action on the UI Element
Editable Returns True if the UI element is editable otherwise False
Enabled Returns True if the UI element is enabled otherwise False
Exists Checks whether the UI Element is available or not
ExistsWithImplicitDelay Dynamic waiting for the element with a wait time out
Returns True when the element is loaded. Otherwise, it waits until timeout and returns False.
The default timeout is 15 seconds.
You can change the delay using the predefined function Update element wait timeout.
Expand Expands the tree node UI Element
Focus Set the focus on the UI Element
Get Table Data Extracts the complete table data from a table element
GetRelativeFieldText Extracts the text from a relative field of the learned protected field in mainframe
GetSelectedOption Provides the text of the option that is currently selected in a combo box/select element
GetText Extract the text from the UI Element
GetTooltipText Returns the text content of the tooltip associated with the UI element
GetTotalRowCount Gives the total number of rows present in the table/ data grid
GetXpath Gives an XPath of the web UI element that can be used to identify the element
The XPath can be later used for dynamic scripting.
Hover Simulates the mouse hover action
Input Type in the given text to the UI Element
InputPassword Type in the given text to the UI Element and masks the text on the actions screen
IsPopupPresent Returns True/False based on whether a pop up window is present or not
Keyboard Helps to input text and send keystrokes to the application
Maximize Maximizes the window
PressContextButton Presses the context menu button in toolbar/grid at the given position
RightClick Simulates the mouse right-click action
Select Selects an item from the drop-down list of a combo box UI Element
Select Containing/StartingWith/EndingWith Helps to select an item from the drop-down/combo box
Containing: item contains given partial text
Starting With: item with text starts with given text
Ending With: item with text ends with given text
SelectColumn Helps to select a column in a table/grid
SelectContextMenuItem Selects the context menu item with the given menu item text
If there are sub-menu items, use MainMenu/SubMenu1/SubMenu2
SelectMenuItem Selects a menu item with given ID
SelectRow Helps to select a row in a table/grid
SendCommand Helps to execute the given command string
StartTransaction Initiates a transaction in SAP with the given transaction code
TableSelect Selects the entire table element
UnCheck Unchecks the checkbox of UI Element
Virtual Click (JavaScript-based click) Useful for clicking on background/hidden web elements
Virtual Input (JavaScript-based Input) Useful for setting text to disabled web text fields
This method is faster than normal input action.
File upload Upload file from the local computer to the website (filepath as input)
IsVisible Returns a True result for the displayed element and False when not displayed.
WaitForVanish Waits for an element to disappear until a given time

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