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Last Updated: May 10, 2022


When using Dataset node to retrieve columns by using the query: Select * from ‘/Basic Training/Advance_Training/TravelData’,
I am getting the error "...mismatched input...".
Image description

This error occurs when the query syntax is incorrect.
Query syntax must be: Select * from `/{app_group}/{app}/{dataset_name}`
Ensure that the symbol used must be backquote` and not single quote'.

When I try to insert the data using Jiffy Insert/Update node, I get an error “Validated but not processed” Image description

This error is seen when the datatype of input data doesn’t match with the Field datatype in the Jiffy table.

Table Column is of field type Datetime, but the input value mapped is not of type Datetime.

Ensure the input values have the same field type as the column you are inserting or updating.

I am trying to fetch data from CSV dataset using Dataset node. Getting error “Internal Server Error: Failed to parse query”. Image description

Toggle-Off the property New Query Engine. This property is used only for Jiffy Table. Image description

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