Last Updated: May 10, 2022


I am trying to convert a column of OrderAmount to integer. For that, I am removing the Rupees symbol. I am trying to use the Substring function of SQL schema editor, but getting the error as "Alias field must contain characters [(a-z), (A-Z), (0-9)...]" . Image description

This error occurs while editing the schema in SQL Dataset, there are column names with a 'space' or '-' or inline tables. Remove Inline tables and remove 'spaces' or '-', if any in the column names while editing the schema. Make sure you do not use special characters, such as $,-,_, etc. for Alias.

Tried to import data from one app to different app in a different category. Tasks could be imported but presentations and datasets cannot. Image description

This error occurs while The issue was with the Thumbnail

The following custom function fails for one of the tasks with the error "Error tokenizing data...", while all other tasks are performed as intended. Image description

The problem was in fact related to the downloaded dataset.
Check the data/csv file,

  1. Whether there are any extra separators in the line causing the trouble.
  2. If some carriage returns (i.e. '\r’) present in the data.
  3. Make sure to pass both the correct separator and headers when calling read_csv.

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