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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2023


  • Desktop node in jiffy works on winappdriver. Hence, if there is is any issue reported, always check jiffy service logs and see if winappdriver is launched properly.
  • If win app driver is not launched properly, check if the driver is up and running in the task manager.
  • In these cases, where win app driver is not launched or error in start of win app driver, then restart win app driver from task manager and restart the machine.

  • If Element not found or any other errors occurs, first check if the recorded xpaths in the jiffy uncontrol’s page has any numeric part present in the xpaths.
  • Provide application path, win app driver port(from task manager) and check xpath.
  • Click on Locate/click button and observe if click is happening on the correct element .
  • Keep modifying the xpath till you get proper values and proper click.
  • Add indexes in the index field if the element count is more than one.

Getting the error as "Found ‘x’ elements . Use “index” variable to select single element."
Image description

When one xpath has more than one element or element count is greater than 1 , then we need to provide index parameter to point to the exact element. Above error is displayed if the elements are more than one for a single xpath. Following are the steps to add index in the UIcontrol page.

  1. Go to the UIControl page from the design screen and open the element for which above mentioned error thrown. Click on the PROPERTIES button as shown below. Image description
  2. Add ‘Index’ as property in the Property name field and click on ADD button as shown. Image description
  3. After adding, Click on the ELEMENT button which open the Overview page . Scroll down and change the datatype of ‘Index’ property to number and enter the exact index of the element in the text box below. In this example, index is 1 as first element is what we trying to click. Similarly , exact index can be entered if the element looking for is different. Image description
  4. Save the page and run the task again to verify.
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