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Last Updated: May 10, 2022


While validating the email configuration, I am getting an authentication error even though I have provided the correct credentials. Image description

If you are using a Gmail account, change the security settings of the account.
Click here to know more about the steps. After you change the settings, refresh the Task design page where you are validating the email configuration and validate the credentials again.

While running the email sender node, I am getting the error as "java.lang. NullPointerException". Image description

This occurs due to multiple reasons-
  1. When you do not provide the Outgoing protocol and Outgoing server in the Configurations for Email Sender node. Click here to know more about how to specify the Configuration.
  2. When attachment-fileID parameter is not mapped correctly. Attachment-fileID parameter of Email Sender node accepts fileID and not the path of the file.
    Ensure Upload to JIFFY server function is used to upload the attachment file to the JIFFY server that returns the fileID. This fileID needs to be then mapped to attachment-fileID parameter of email sender node.

I have an Email Browser node to read emails from a mailbox, but I get an error "No Match Found" when I execute? Image description

This error occurs when the condition given under Actions tab of the Email Browser node does not match with the existing emails in the mailbox. Correct the condition.

Values for the condition are not case-sensitive.

I am trying to authenticate my outlook email in the configuration of Email Browser node, but getting authentication failed error. Image description

Provide the correct Username and Password and try again.

I am trying to authenticate my outlook email in the configuration of email browser node but getting "Could not establish imaps connection" error.
Image description

This error occurs when you provide IMAPS protocol and exchange server uses EWS protocol.
Select Incoming/ Outgoing Protocol as Exchange(EWS).
Give the Incoming Server/Outgoing Server as
Ensure that the exchange server is running before you validate the configuration.

Facing "Email Browser node fails with … invalid file extensions" error. Image description

This error occurs when the attachment extension types you are browsing using Email Browser node does not exist in the configuration files.

  1. Check the extension type of the attachments being browse.
  2. Check if it is present in and fileserver.yml file. If not present add them.
  3. Restart the anthill and fileserver process and rerun the task.
If you do not have Admin access, reach out to your Tenant Admin.

While executing Email Action node I am getting an error “Provided move folder is not present. Please provide valid folder name”. Image description

Please confirm if the folder with the given name exists in the mailbox.

The folder name is case-sensitive.

While executing Email Sender node I am getting an error “The content of the file attachment at index 0 must be set”. Image description Image description

This occurs when the Attachment-fileID is not mapped correctly. In the image above, the file path of the local file is mapped for Attachment-fileID.

  1. Upload the file to the Jiffy server, using Upload to JIFFY Server function.
  2. Map that file-id to Attachment-fileID in Email Sender node.

Email is browsed using Email Browser Node, the attachment is downloaded and the fileID of the attachment is mapped to pdfFID of Doc Reader node. While executing Doc Reader node, I am getting the error “400 Bad Request: [no body]” for Doc Reader node. Image description

This occurs when the attachment-id passed for mapping is empty.
Ensure the following:

  1. Email contains an attachment.
  2. If the email contains an attachment, ensure that the property Download Attachments is toggled ON in the Email Browser node.

Gmail has discontinued permissions for Less Secure Apps, except for Google Workspace and Google Cloud Identity. As Google Workspace support is disabled, Email-related features such as, Email, Browser, Send e-mail, etc. are stopped working.

The option for allowing less secure apps feature is not applicable for individual email accounts anymore. This applies for regular Google accounts as of May 30, 2022.
Therefore, you must either create app passwords for these accounts or move to a GSuite account.
Email Nodes using normal Google accounts (@gmail) accounts

  1. Create App passwords:
    1. Enable Two-factor authentication for the accounts to start using the app passwords, that is, a phone (or device) to receive OTP should be added.
    2. Log in to the Google account and sign in with App Passwords.
      The same App password can be used in the Jiffy mail configuration as the password to proceed.
  2. Move to a custom domain:

  3. Move to a Custom Domains(for example, and proceed with GSuite accounts.
    Email Nodes using a custom domain
    As per Google, the changes are not applied to the Gsuite customer accounts. The Allow less secure apps option is available for the users.

While sending email, "An error occurred while sending email, please check email settings" Image description

This issue occurs when the configuration is not entered correctly.
Update the credentials in Email server settings.

Email browser node is failing with error "Provided client secret keys for app are expired" Image description

This issue occurs when the client’s secret key was expired.
Generate a new client secret key and place it on the server.

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