Last Updated: May 10, 2022


Whenever I am executing the task with Predefined function Insert Data into a Inline Jiffy table, I get the error message as "Column not present in Table", although the column is present in the Inline table. Image description

This error occurs when the column name you provided does not match exactly with the column name in the table.

The column names are case-sensitive.

Copy the exact column names from the Inline Jiffy table and provide in the parameter Column_name of the function, comma-separated and rerun the task.

I am using the Get Table Value function to extract the data from the Document table, but the function fails with an error “Unable to decode table object”.

This error occurs when the table input parameter given for the Get Table Value function is not a Data Table. Get Table Value function is used to retrieve data from transient Data Tables. To retrieve data from Document Table, use Jiffy Select node.
Click here to know more about Get Table Value function.

While executing Web UI node, I get an error in step data using predefined function Get Table Value, "Given row number one is more than available data rows zero.". Image description

This error occurs when for the row number given in the predefined function Get Table Value, no data is present in the Data Table from which value is being extracted. Ensure that the result set that populates the Data Table has data for the given row and column number.
For example, if you are populating the Data Table from a search result of a website, search manually with the same inputs and ensure data is fetched.
Else, change the inputs of the automation for which data is available in the result set and provide a row and column number that has data.

Download From Server function fails with the error, “Failed to download/replace the fie…..”. Image description

This error can occur due to multiple reasons:

  1. Check if the file with same name as the attachment is opened in the machine. If yes, close the file.
  2. Check if the given file path exists.
  3. Check if you have Write access in the given file path.
  4. Check if the attachment file name has / in it. If yes, make sure that the attachment name is renamed without any / in it.

Windows dose not allow to save the file names with characters / \ : * ? < > |

When deleting a folder using Predefined function DeleteFolder I get the error "Access is denied".

This error occurs when the user does not have the required permissions for the given folder/file.
Perform the following steps to provide full access.

  1. Go to the Properties of the folder that you want to delete.
  2. Navigate to the Security tab.
  3. Select the user and click the Edit button.
  4. Check the Full control checkbox and click the Apply button.
Image description

Getting an error “Error while saving functions. HTML tags are not allowed in functions” when I try to save a user-defined function. Image description

This error occurs when restricted HTML tags are used in user-defined functions. The restriction on the tags listed below is imposed due to security reasons.

Restricted HTML Tags: script, img, a, svg, video, iframe, form, object, style, meta, isindex, applet

However, the restricted HTML tags can be first replaced with any user defined name in the code and can be replaced back with the actual tags using replace function.

To replace a restricted tag "a" the code would be:
val = <jiffy_a>Hello</jiffy_a>;
(write HTML code)
return val.replace('jiffy_a','a');
This will return <a>hi</a>

I am trying to extract table value using Get Table Value function, it is showing an error “invalid literal for int() with base 10...”. Image description

This error can occur if the value provided for rowNumber or columnNumber parameters in Get Table Value function is not numeric. Ensure the value provided is numeric.

Task failed due to “java.lang.RuntimeException…….Exec Engine - MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE_LIMIT Exceeded - 30 mb" error. Image description

This error occurs if the load at the output of node is high. There is a limit of 30MB.

  1. Check if any unwanted variables or tables are being passed. Switch them off if they are present.
  2. If the problem persists, check if the task can be redesigned with the node split into multiple nodes so that number of variables passed to each node can be reduced.

While executing a user-defined function, getting an error as "No module named 'dataparser'”. Image description Image description

This can occur when data-parser libraries are not installed. Follow the steps mentioned below to install the library-

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Use the following command to install this module.

    – py -3.7 -m pip install dateparser

I created the folder using jiffy function. When I delete the folder manually or using the jiffy function it throws an error “The action can’t be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program”. Image description

This issue is faced when the file/folder is open. Close the files/folders that are opened while performing delete operations on files/folders.

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