Jiffy Client Installation


Facing the error "JiffyURL is not valid" while installing Jiffy Client. Image description

Provide the Jiffy Server URL without a '/ ' at the end. In the above example, it should be

After installing Jiffy Client, I am unable to enter the Jiffy server domain URL because Reboot screen appears.

You can provide the domain and license details by modifying the Jiffy settings following the steps mentioned here.

When I start the Developer Bot I get the error "Connection to Jiffy Server failed". Image description

This error occurs when Jiffy Server you are connecting to is down, Jiffy services are not running, or some firewall/antivirus is blocking Jiffy services.

  1. Check if the server settings are correct: Navigate to the Bot Manager --> Settings --> Modify Jiffy settings. Image description
    1. Hover on Image description icon to get the server details configured.
    2. Verify if the Jiffy IP and the Licence ID saved are correct.
    3. If not, provide the correct IP and License details in the same window and save the changes.
    4. Restart the bot.
    Image description
  2. Check if Jiffy server is up: Navigate to the Jiffy server URL you are connecting to in the browser to ensure that the instance is up and running.
  3. Jiffy Services: Navigate to Task manager --> Services and check if the services highlighted below are running. If not, start them and start the Bot.
    Image description

    It is recommended not to restart Jiffy System Manager and Jiffy JPipe Client services in multi-bot machines, as it can impact other bots which are in use.

  4. Firewalls/Antivirus: If the issue persists after starting Jiffy Services, check if there is any Firewall that is active.
    Navigate to Windows Security -->Firewall and Network protection and check if the Firewall is toggled Off. If not, toggle it Off. Image description
    In addition to Firewalls, check if there is any Antivirus enabled on the machine. Check for other antivirus software installed on the machine and de-activate the same. Image description
    Restart the Bot.

I am trying to install Jiffy Client. I do have admin rights but when I run the diagnostic test, I get that it failed for Permissions for Admin and Connectors. Image description Image description

This occurs when Jiffy Client installer and Diagnostic Report is not run as an Administrator.

  1. Extract the contents from the JiffyInstaller zipped file.
  2. Run both - JiffyInstaller and Diagnostics Tool as an Administrator. Right-click on respective files and select Run as administrator.
  3. Image description
    If not using Connectors, you can ignore the Failed Status for Connectors.
    In case you would be using Connectors, install the required packages. Click here to know more.

I get “Requested machine is not registered with Jiffy” message when I start the Bot, as in the following screenshot. Image description

Register your machine and restart the Bot.

I am unable to start the Execution bots from Jiffy Bot Console. Image description

If the execution bot is not starting,

  1. Check if the remote machine is up and running.
  2. Check if there are any additional security warning message that must be clicked on the remote machine.

    Make sure that you have logged in to the remote machine with the same user which was used while creating the execution Bot.

Click here to refer the steps for starting the Execution bot in such scenarios.

As per the pre-requisite, it is mandatory to have Windows OS for Jiffy Client Installation.

When starting the execution bot, error “User-Level service is down. Please check the BOT Machine” is displayed. How can I get this issue resolved? Image description

  1. Register the bot by following the steps here.
  2. Re-enter the username and password for the execution bot by clicking on the Image descriptionEdit icon in the Bot management.
  3. Save the changes and start execution Bot.

Am unable to start the execution Bot. The status is Not Running and the error “Please check if the Jiffy system manager is running on the machine” is displayed. How can I start the execution bot? Image description

This issue is seen when the bot user doesn’t have admin privileges or the Jiffy System Manager is down.

  1. Check if the user used for the execution bot has admin privileges if not provide admin access to the bot user and then start the execution bot.
  2. Navigate to the Task Manager -> Services, check if the JiffySystem Manager is Running, else start the service.

I have installed the client however I am unable to run the bot. I am getting the “Jiffy connection failed” error. Image description

Provide the Jiffy Server URL without http://. In the above example, it should be
Image description

Image description

This issue occurs when the number of bots reach its maximum allowed licensed Bot limit.
If you're having trouble starting the execution bot from bot management page, try starting the developer bot on your machine. If you encounter the error message "Bot count has reached the allowed limit", that confirms the bot limit is reached the allowed licensed bot.
Check the Jiffy Service Log to investigate the issue further.
Raise a separate request if the bot limit needs to be increased.
Please refer to the licensing steps here.

Oracle GSM forms fail to load after installing jiffy 4.x on the client machine Image description

This issue occurs due to permission issues.

grant {

Add the above code in in java.policy and javaws.policy files under lib\security of the jre\jdk being used to launch java apps.

When the RDP password is changed, it can prevent the user from stopping the bot from bot management.
To address this, stop the javaw.exe process for the affected bot from the bot machine.

After uninstalling and reinstalling the client without restarting the system, the C:\jiffyservice\Python folder ends up either empty or containing only a few files. Because of this all the UI nodes will fail with the error as "runtimeerror: cannot call null pointer from cdata int(*)...". Image description To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

  1. Repair python installed in the machine. Go to Control panel-> Uninstall -> right click on the python and click on change-> Repair. Image description
  2. Uninstall Python from control panel.
  3. Uninstall Jiffy client from control panel.
  4. Restart the machine.
  5. Install or re-install the Jiffy client.
  6. Restart the machine and check the Python folder.

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