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Last Updated: May 10, 2022


I need to extract the Invoice Number, date, PO number, and Amount from an invoice. I am unable to toggle the Invoice number, Invoice Date, and PO number fields to be extracted to proceed. Image description

The mentioned columns are predefined columns in the table and are already toggled to Extracted by default. No further actions are needed on the predefined columns.

I created Document table with the required column's address and one inline table. But when I try to edit the document I am processing, these columns are not visible in the Document familiarization window.

Check if you have toggled the Extract button to Extracted for these columns. Only then they will appear in the Document familiarization window.
It is toggled to New, only if you do not want to extract it from the document and populate it later in the Tasks.

After exporting and importing the app, few records from the category table in exported app are missing in the imported app?

The documents which are unapproved or deleted in the exported app, before exporting the app, will not be exported and hence those records are missing in the imported app. Base Documents should be present before export.
To fix this issue re-train all the deleted documents and approve all the documents which are not approved and then proceed with export-import.

Doc Reader Node is failing with an error –“ ImageToTextPDF has stopped working…….” Image description

This error occurs when Abbyy trail file does not have the required permission to perform the conversion of images to text pdf.

  1. Provide full permission to the Abbyy trail file: C:\jiffyservice\image to text_V12/Abbyy trail.
  2. Rerun the task.

Image description

This occurs when Post processing task in Doc Reader properties is selected and in post processing task the parameters in Start Node are either not added or misspelled.
Ensure to give the names of the parameters as UUID and TablePath the same way as shown below.
Image description

Doc Reader Node is failing with an error: “500 Internal server Error. The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.” Image description

This error may occur if the document passed is an Image-based document and there is no OCR available in the machine to convert image-based documents to text-based documents.
Jiffy can be integrated with OCR tools which convert the image-based document to text-based document.
Follow the steps below:

  1. To check if the document is text-type, try copying the content of the PDF. If you can copy, then it's text-type, else it is image-type.
    Generally, ABBYY OCR is installed and configured with Jiffy application, to convert any image-based document to a text-based document and then processed using DOC Reader node.
  2. If it is image-type, then follow the instructions to install ABBY Fine Reader.
  3. Use DOC Reader node to process the document after converting.

I created a Google Cloud account and gave valid credentials.
Yet, while executing Handwritten Text Extraction Node I get the error "Invalid Google Credentials".
Image description

This error occurs when you do not use a paid Google Cloud account. Handwritten Text Extraction Node requires a paid account.

Getting the error "Multiple lines not allowed in Single Line" while familiarizing the document. Image description

This error occurs when multiple lines of data are familiarized for a Single line field.
Change the Field type of column from Single line to Multiline and familiarize the data again.

Doc reader is failing with "Read Time Out error" , but when the same is tried from JIFFY RDP, Doc Reader is successful, however, there is no entry into the Document table. Image description

  1. Navigate to Task manager --> Services and check if the services highlighted below are running. If not, start them.

    It is recommended not to restart Jiffy System Manager and Jiffy JPipe Client services in multi-bot machines, as it can impact other bots which are in use.

  2. Start jiffy bot manager from the start menu.
  3. Start the bot and execute the task again.

Doc reader is failing with "Unexpected exception happened while communicating with Coral" error. Image description

This issue may happen due to the following reasons:

  1. Check if doc table category name already exists and the newly created table has the same name. If yes, create a new document table and use it in Doc reader node to resolve the issue.
  2. Check if location mapping for the file path is correct.
  3. Check if any Post Processing tasks are assigned in the Doc Reader node. If yes, unassign the Post Processing task and rerun the Doc Reader task.

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